Hand Knitted Teddies

Beautiful Teddies hand-knitted by my mum x

They are soft and snuggly, they will make perfect nursery decorations, Christening gifts, Easter gifts, or any occasion or simply for that special adult/child who would love to look after a forever friend! They are simply Gorgeous

The Maker

My mum has always been into arts and crafts for as long as I can remember, Sewing, Knitting, Dressmaking, etc.

When my children and Grandchildren were born my mum knitted them clothing, blankets, and teddies, They all loved their teddies for years and years. Recently my mum showed me a teddy she had made for my granddaughter, I asked her why she did not sell them and her reply was "they are not good enough to sell".

I know how my mum enjoys making things, keeping her mind occupied, and her love for knitting so I decided I would start selling them in my store for my mum as they are truly Gorgeous and lovingly made and they really are good enough for me to sell for her.

keep an eye out for more soft toys and hand-knitted items to be added soon