Our Best Sellers

We’re delighted to be able to introduce our Best Selling Products for you to try.
A range of scented wax melts, wax crumbles, Wax Burners, Burner Plates Diffusers, and more...
Fill your home with the beautiful aromas and accessories from Scent-Sational Wax melts.
What makes them scent sational ..
  • Highly Scented Wax melts with maximum scent load
  • Biodegradable with recyclable packaging
  • Cured for 2 weeks to allow oils to merge together
  • Cosmic grade glitter decoration
  • Unique high-quality blend of soy wax
  • Our soy wax melts are homemade 
  • Long-lasting scents that will fill your home with fragrance for hours
  • Clp compliant