What to Do With Leftover Wax from Wax Melts?

What to Do With Leftover Wax from Wax Melts?

So you melted some wax melts in your wax burner, and your home smells amazing. The wax melts have done their magic, and now it’s time to remove the wax from the burner. As an eco-conscious person big on reusing and salvaging things, you think to yourself, ‘what can I do with leftover wax?’

There are many creative ways to use the leftover wax on your wax burner. If you don’t want to get rid of it entirely, here’s what you can do with it:

Use as Car Freshener

The wax may still have some fragrance left in it to freshen up a small space like the inside of your car. Once you remove the wax, cut it into smaller chunks or crumbs. Place them in a paper towel or linen and tie them into a knot (you can also use a rubber band if it’s easier). 

Place these wrapped chunks of wax in your car, preferably somewhere there’s no direct sunlight. You don’t want the wax melting. You can place them under the car seat or on the car floor as well. 

Make Fire Starters

The wax can be reused to create fire starters out of common household items. These, then, can be used to start a fire in your fireplace or outdoors rather easily. 

Here’s a super easy DIY method to make fire starters out of egg cartons, lint from your dryer, and used wax. 

Use as Wax Seal

Those old fashioned wax seals have become pretty cool these days for signing letters and greeting cards. You can also use them as seals on holiday cards. 

You can easily find a wax seal stamp from any local crafts or art supplies shop. Perhaps you can get one custom made online. And if you want to be really creative, just do something with an old pencil, chopstick, or a coin. 

Stickproof Your Snow Shovel

Ok, so this one is a pretty efficient use of discarded wax melt. You know how snow sometimes sticks to the shovelhead, and you have to remove it with your hands. Well, that won’t be a problem once you rub this used wax over the shovel before using it. 

Do that, and all the snow will glide off it smoothly like nobody’s business!

Create Decor Pieces

This is a really fun way to use leftover wax from your wax melter. Take any simple glass vase, preferably a fully transparent one, not coloured. Fill it with random objects like pinecones, dried leaves, flower petals, beads, or even nuts like almonds. Pour in the melted wax and let it cool!

You can also create small petals out of wax by slicing the wax into smaller pieces, painting them, and then sticking them onto stems. 

Get Creative!

You can do so much with the wax left from your wax melts. You can make it a fun project after you’ve collected plenty of leftover wax. Just remember to be careful and wear gloves so you don’t burn yourself with hot wax.


What to Do With Leftover Wax from Wax Melts?

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