What Are Wax Melt Crumbles? Everything You Should Know

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You probably use scented candles. You’re probably familiar with wax melts. But have you given wax melts crumbles a try? Do you know what they are exactly?

Well, you’ll find out everything shortly, so keep reading!

What are Wax Melt Crumbles Exactly?

Wax melt crumbles or wax crumbles (some even call it crumble wax) are basically crumbles of hardened scented wax. It’s pretty similar to wax melts, or by extension, a candle, except the texture is different. 

Similar to solid wax melts, these also come in a variety of textures and colours that look appealing. However, these come in containers. 

These basically start off as solid wax chunks only, which are then shredded to create small crumbs. 

How to Use Wax Crumbles?

Well, using wax crumbles isn’t that different from using wax melts. You need the same stuff: a wax burner and some fragrance-free tea lights. You can place the wax crumbles on the top dish where the wax goes, and light the tea light under it and voila, the wax crumbles will start to melt and produce beautiful scents. 

The amount of wax crumbles you use depends on the wax melter and your own needs. A spoonful should be fine for one-time use. 

Advantages of Using Wax Melt Crumbles

There’s no significant difference between using wax melts or wax melt crumbles, really. However, in some ways, wax melt crumbles may be a better option for you. 

Melt Quicker

Maybe you have an unannounced guest over, or perhaps you forgot that it’s your anniversary. You need to create a beautiful ambience quickly and want the space to smell amazing. Well, that’s when crumbles come in handy. 

They melt faster than candles or even whole wax melts. It’s just science!

With more surface area, the wax crumbles readily start melting, which results in the scent spreading faster. In just seconds, you’ll start to smell it, and within minutes, the whole room will be fragrant.

More Fragrance

As compared with candles, wax melts and wax crumbles can be more fragrant. As they melt quicker, they give out their scents faster. But that’s not the only thing; unlike candles, the whole wax in the solid melt or crumbs melts, so all of the scent is released into the air.

Therefore, with wax crumbles, you can really smell the fragrance everywhere in the room, which is why these are also good for bigger spaces that otherwise may require several candles. 

Quantity Control

Another benefit of using wax crumbles is that you can use as much as you need (and as much as the wax melter would allow). So, say, you just want to use it for a small space like a bathroom that won’t require a lot of fragrance, you can just use a few pinches of it and get the job done. 

Makes a Lovely Present

While wax melts make great presents as well, wax crumbles in their beautiful jars make an even prettier gift. Anyone on the receiving end would definitely love the jar with colourful and fragrant wax crumbs in it. Oh, and they can reuse the jar as well!

Wrap Up

So there you have it, now you’re also an expert at wax melt crumbles. You can use these in your home, and recommend them to friends and family when you yourself become a big fan (which you will, trust me).

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