Our Favourite personalised wooden gift ideas

Our Favourite personalised wooden gift ideas

Are you looking for that unique gift for that special loved one in your life

But you can’t find the right gift for the occasion. We got you covered! In this blog article, we will show you our most popular wooden gifts for every occasion. We will show you some truly unique items hand made by us, that you might even want to buy for yourself!,


You might be wondering why should I buy a wooden present.

well there are many reasons why a wooden gift is such an amazing item to buy as a gift!, Wooden products are made of living and natural material, making every gift unique and special. The wood tells a story that no other material can tell. Secondly, a wood item is perfect as a personalized gift, because many products on this list can be engraved with a name or a text to make it even more special. Not only are wooden gifts beautifully created, and stunning to look at. They also tend to last much longer as well. Plus, there are so many plastic items around these days that something wooden would really stand out and Lastly, wood comes in unusual colours and has individual grain markings making it a very warm product.

Our Wooden Wine Rack!

Wooden wine rack

With a rustic farm house feel our wine rack engraved with "Wine Time" 

Wine Time Rack 

Bee Tidy Stationary holder

pen holder

Bee tidy with our handy desk top stationary holder

Bee tidy stationary holder

Personalised Tea Light Display

Tea Light Display

Wooden Tea light Display

Engraved with-

A house is made from wood and beams

A home is made from love and dreams

Personalised Round Farmhouse tray

engraved wooden tray

Our unique engraved wooden trays add a rustic feel to your home, chunky farmhouse look 

Round wooden tray

Chunky wooden oval tray

wooden oval tray

Our wooden oval trays are perfect for so many uses with a natural oil finish and a rustic chunky wood feel 

Chunky Wooden oval tray



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