Is Your Wax Burner Ruining Your Furniture? Here’s the Solution!

Is Your Wax Burner Ruining Your Furniture? Here’s the Solution!

Wax burners are great for using wax melts to make your space smell heavenly. They also double as a home decor piece even when there’s no tea light burning or wax melting. However, they can get heated when in use and may leave marks on your furniture. 

While this is not always the case, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yes, you can place it over a mat or may be a coaster, but what if I told you that there’s another more viable and prettier solution to this problem?

Let me introduce you to our one-of-a-kind geode wax burner platter that goes one step ahead in protecting your furniture or really any surface that you place the wax burner on. 

Wax Burner Platter

The wax burner platter is simply a plate where you can place wax melter so it doesn’t come in contact with the furniture surface directly. We also call it the geode plate. 

The burner platter has high heat resistance, thanks to its composition. It can withstand the heat coming from the tea lights you will light to melt the wax. So even when the wax melter is operational for hours on end, there will be no impact on the furniture. 

But here’s where it gets more interesting; it’s not your average mat or plate to protect from heat; it’s a full-flegde decor piece that can amp up the look of the room. And since it’s a platter, you can even place multiple wax melters and candles on it. 

Our geode plates are usually made of epoxy resin and acrylic, often with some other additions to make it fancier. For instance, you can even find dried lavender buds in one of the platters. 

Designed in different colours, textures, and shapes, these platters are simply stunning and can easily elevate the look of the space. You can place them on a side table, coffee table, console, or shelf. You can also use them for reed diffusers or candle holders. 

Preventing Damage from Wax Burners or Candles

First of all, wax burners usually don’t get that hot to actually burn your furniture. However, depending on the material and duration they have been hot, they might leave marks on the furniture, especially wood furniture without any protective finish. 

The best way to prevent any kind of marks or scratches is to place the wax burner or candle on another surface, like a coaster or a plate. It’s not best to place it on a table runner or mat, as those may get damaged if the wax spills. The wax is hot and will get stuck to the fabric. 

In the case your furniture gets some kind of heat mark, cleaning with a little bit of baking soda and toothpaste might just get rid of it. But that’s something we’ll talk about in detail in another post. 

Wrap Up

A wax burner platter is the ultimate solution to ensure that your furniture does not get any kind of marks, even in the case of a spill. Not only are they preventative, but these are also pretty great to look at!


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