How to Use Wax Melts !

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How to Use Wax Melts

Wax melts are gradually taking over candles for creating a fragrant, cosy environment indoors. While candles look and smell great, wax melts are in a league of their own. But if you’re new to these, you might wonder, “how do I use wax melts?”

The good news is that using wax melts isn’t so difficult. And a pack of wax melts may last just as long as a candle of the same weight or even a bigger one. So if you’re someone who wants value in every purchase they make, wax melts are the way to go.

So What are Wax Melts Exactly?

Wax melts are pieces of wax crafted with scented oils and emit fragrance when they melt. Think of them as a candle without a wick. Just like candles, wax melts may be made from soy or paraffin wax.

These come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and scents. Also, a big advantage of using wax melts is that they pack in more scent, so the space becomes fragrant quicker than if you had used a scented candle.

How to Use Wax Melts?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can melt the wax melts and spread the beautiful scent all-around your home.

Wax Warmer/Melter

The traditional way of using wax melts is by using a wax warmer or melter. It’s a small jar-like container that may have a removable or fixed plate on top where the wax goes. For this method, you’ll also need a tealight, preferably an unscented one.

The tealight goes at the bottom while the wax melt sits on the top. When you light the tealight, the warmth from it slowly melts the wax. As it melts, the fragrance spreads, and this could go on for many hours.

The lower portion always has some kind of opening for air to ensure the tealight keeps burning and also the warmer doesn’t get overheated.

You can easily find beautiful wax warmers these days, many of which are made of ceramic as it’s heat-resistant.

Electric Wax Warmer

If you don’t want to light any sort of candle, you should go with an electric warmer. These are similar to the conventional wax warmers, except these heat up with electricity. These also come in a variety of designs.

Just place the wax melts on the top plate and plug in the electric wax warmer. As it heats the plate electronically, the wax melts. Some also feature bulbs underneath the plate that generate enough heat to melt it.

Using a Pot

Don’t have any kind of wax warmer? No problem!

All you need is a small pot with water on a stove and another smaller pot inside the water. Place the wax melts inside the smaller pot. As the water heats up and steams, the wax will melt.

This is not the most efficient way, but it gets the job done.

Wrap Up

If you’re buying wax melts, you should also buy a wax melter. Even when you’re not using them, they look adorable on a shelf or table. Find something that goes with your room decor from our collection of wax burners!


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