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Introducing our Wax Melts Crumbles!

Introducing our new Wax Melt Crumbles! If you are looking for an innovative, trendy alternative to traditional wax melts, these are the perfect product for you. Exclusive to Scent Sational Waxmelts, our bespoke Wax Melt Crumbles are incredibly easy to use and melt in the same way as wax melts, with a fancy twist. They are fabulously designed with a crumble like texture so you can choose as much or as little as you wish to burn. In essence, a wax crumble is a wickless candle. Rather than being lit via a flame on a wick as you would with a candle, this product is simply melted in a wax burner - which can be either electric or via the flame of a tea light - to give off a scent in the same way a candle should. Unlike candles though, the wax doesn't actually melt away, but instead, the scent does.

Made using scented soya wax and the finest fragrance oils, each scent is lovingly hand poured and beautifully presented within a bespoke glass jar, featuring bow detailing. Scent Sational Waxmelts wax crumbles contain 50g of product, carefully packaged inside a cellophane bag to seal the scent. They will not only make your home smell wonderful, but also look stunning and compliment your interior.

Discover scents

Discover scents to set the mood and inspire fragrant memories. Refresh your space with the uplifting scent of fresh pine or enliven your senses with nostalgic tones of the drumstick lolly. We have a growing range of handmade soy wax crumbles which are available all year round, these are firm favourite with our customers and will suit your home no matter the season. They make excellent gifts for loved ones, or why not treat yourself, you know you deserve it!

All of our wax crumbles are hand-poured using the highest quality soy wax and our own signature oils to achieve a clean burn, delivering the most scented fragrance in just 24 hours. Handcrafted utilising our specially developed Soy wax, breathe new life into your home with our wide choice of fragrances. Our products are biodegradable, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Each product is perfect to blend with fragrances, oil soluble dyes and mica powders. Store in a cool, dry location away from direct heart, sunlight and moisture to keep your crumbles in tip top condition!


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