How Do You Make Wax Melts Smell Stronger?

lifestyle blog, How Do You Make Wax Melts Smell Stronger?

Wax melts are supposed to be even stronger than some candles, but what if you wanted them to smell even stronger? Do you just add more wax? Do you switch to a different wax type? Or is there some magic spell for that? 

Jokes apart, there are a variety of factors that determine how subtle or strong a wax melt’s fragrance is. There can be times when you would want them to work quicker and make your space smell heavenly. 

While some things may be beyond your control when it comes to the intensity of the fragrance of the wax, there are some things you can try. 

But let’s first discuss the factors that impact the intensity of the fragrance in wax melts.

What Makes Wax Melts Smell Strong?

Concentration of Fragrance Oils

The most fundamental thing that impacts the fragrance of a wax melt is the concentration of the oils that produce the scent. The highest percentage of fragrance in the wax is normally 12 per cent, which is what we use at Scent-Sational as well. It’s mentioned on the CLP labels as well.

Of course, the higher the concentration, the stronger the scent will be. 


The wax needs time to absorb all the scents, which can be as much as a couple of weeks. So the wax melt will only work best if it has been cured for an appropriate amount of time. As Scent-Sational, we take two weeks to cure the wax melts.

Type of Wax

Even the type of wax you’re using in the wax melt determines whether the scent is strong or not. Now, normally wax melts are made of either paraffin wax or soy wax. While the difference in terms of intensity of scent is not very significant, soy wax holds more scent in comparison. 

So if you want your wax melts to smell really strong, go with ones made with pure soy wax. 

Quantity of Wax

The amount of wax you’re melting also determines the strength of the scent. If you melt a few pieces together, the scent will be stronger and more long-lasting than if you just melted a small piece. 

Size of Room

Lastly, the area that you’re using the wax melts in also impacts how long it takes the scent to spread. That, in turn, impacts the intensity of the scent. In other words, the wax melts should be ample for the room. A bigger room would require more wax melts. 

How to Make Wax Melts Smell Strong?

Here are some tips to help you get more scent out of your wax melts:

  • Use more wax melts but not so much that the wax flows out of the wax melter. 
  • Go for pure soy wax melts with a maximum concentration of scent (10 to 12 per cent).
  • If using in a bigger room, use two wax melters in opposite corners. 

Don’t let wax melts sit unused for a very long time, as they can start to lose the scent if not properly packed.


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