Do Unused Wax Melts Lose Their Scent?

do unused wax melts lose the scent

If you love home scents, you probably stack up on candles and wax melts quite often. Perhaps, there was a holiday discount, and you thought it would be a great idea to buy several bundles. Or maybe a generous loved one gave you a lot of different melts. But you obviously cannot use them all at once. So you’re wondering ‘how long does the scent last in wax melts’ if they are unused?

Unused wax melts generally don’t start to lose their scent, at least, for a year. However, that may depend on a number of factors like the type of wax, the intensity of the fragrance, and packaging. Wax melts typically have a long shelf life, but if you use them after a very long time, you may not get a very strong scent on melting them. 

Therefore, the ballpark duration to use wax melts is perhaps a year after they are produced. Interestingly, it’s also not a great idea to use wax melts within the first few weeks of production. This is because the scented oils need time to infuse fully into the wax piece. 

This is why, at Scent-Sational, we let the wax melts cure for at least two weeks to allow it to absorb all the scent. As a result, our wax melts produce strong scents on melting that last long as well. 

Factors that Affect Wax Melt Shelf Life

Of course, these are the factors that impact, technically, the shelf life of the fragrance in the wax melts, not the wax melt itself. 

Type of Wax

The main types of waxes used in home scent products are paraffin and soy. Some also use a combination of the two. Traditionally, soy wax can hold more scents as compared with paraffin wax. 

Does that impact how long the scent lasts in used wax melts? Yes, to a great extent!

Paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum, doesn’t produce as intense a scent as soy wax, which is why many people prefer soy wax over paraffin. 

Scent Concentration

You’ve probably noticed that some wax melts smell stronger on melting than others? Besides the type of wax, that also depends on the scent concentration. This varies a lot as every producer has their own formula. 

Generally, the more intense the scent, the more time it will take the melt to lose it. If you take longer to go through your wax melt stash, it makes sense to go with something stronger. 

At Scent-Sational, we keep the scents intense but not too strong to be disruptive. 


The packaging also plays a little role in how long the scent of an unused wax melt lasts. Many companies wrap wax melts in plastic, which can help reduce the loss of scent over time. Paper is not that effective as it’s porous. 

At Scent-Sational, we wrap wax melts in cellophane sheets and pack wax crumbs in glass jars to help preserve the scents. 


Your unused wax melts are typically good for a year, after which they may start to lose their scent. You can still use them, but they may not produce a very strong fragrance. 

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