Discover The Wax Melt Burner / Warmer

Discover The Wax Burner / Warmer

Discover The Wax Melt Burner 

If you have only ever burned candles welcome to a whole new world of fragrance and choice. A wax melt burner allows you release fabulous aromas into your home just like candles, yet with added benefits. You can swap between fragrances more often; you can add more or less wax depending on how much fragrance you prefer, and you can even mix your waxes to create the perfect scent.  
From ceramic to crystal wax burners, I stock a fabulous range of burners to suit all your needs. Simply break a chunk off our highly scented wax melts or a scoop of our wax crumbles, place on the top of the burner and light a tealight to release gorgeous scents that will fill your home with radiance.  

How do you use wax melt burners? 

A traditional wax melt burner is warmed using an unscented tealight which sits underneath the wax melting bowl. Simply place a wax melt in the wax melting bowl and light the tealight. 

How long does a wax melt last? 

Each melt will last for hours until eventually all the fragrance has been released. All that will remain is natural soy wax which is completely biodegradable and can be thrown away.  

How to remove wax melts?

There are 2 ways of removing the wax. if the wax is hot you can pop some cotton wool balls in the melted wax this absorbs the wax ready to throw away or if the wax is hard heat it until it starts to loosen and is easy to remove and be thrown in the bin. If you are using a tea light wax burner it can be then washed with hot soapy water to remove any residue.

Here are some safety tips when using wax melt burners:

• Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
• Keep the wax melter and tealight in a place that children or pets cannot reach. 
• Use a tealight only, do not use a votive or any other candle with a wax melter, there must be a suitable space between the flame and the wax melting bowl. 
• Keep the wax burner on a stable surface and away from anything flammable like curtains. 
• The wax and the wax burner will get hot, do not touch them until they have completely cooled after use.

Browse my range of melts all of which are designed from highly fragranced natural soy and suitable for your wax melt burner. Transform the ambiance of your home.


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